Amanecer con Alma was born from a dream; first from my parents’ dream of creating this special place, and then, together with Carlos, from the dream of being able to share it with all the people who want to meet again with that wonderful being we carry inside, ourselves. This is the mission of this unique space.

We wanted to highlight our five main values that accompany us on this journey: Commitment, Trust, Empathy, Joy and Love, always by our hand, in order to be able to transmit knowledge, experience and wisdom to you so that you can shine with your own light.

¿Will you join us? We are waiting for you.

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The hosts, Tina and Carlos

We look forward to welcoming you at Amanecer con Alma, our home, and yours for the duration of your stay with us by participating in the different activities we offer. activities, renting some space to give your own workshops, or simply to disconnect from the noise and stress for a few days through one of our workshops.s programmed withdrawals.

Hi, I’m Tina (therapist and coach)

I am a cheerful, simple, generous and responsible woman and soul. Since I was a child I already liked the great hidden mysteries of life, and from there arose my great curiosity towards personal evolution, which has led me to be always in a constant learning process towards my being and my personal growth.

I have come a long way to get here; a path that has led me to train in Coaching, NLP Coaching by Values, Coaching and Systemic Constellations with horses, Natural Dressage, Training in Transformational Laughter Therapy and to reinvent myself after having to leave my life parked and start again from scratch, training in natural therapies (chiromassage, reflexology, naturopathy, lymphatic drainage and others).

I am also passionate about helping people and awakening a smile in their lives.

Joy is in us and sharing it broadens our soul.

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Hi, I’m Carlos, originally from Barcelona. I have been living in England, Andorra, Lleida and finally in Cartagena, where I currently reside with Tina.

I have been many years linked to the world of finance, and later in management positions in Hotel Groups. It was in this last phase of my professional life when, for family reasons and being in the UK, we had to move to Spain and reinvent a new way of life; something that really fulfilled us internally and served to help other people.

That’s how I studied chiromassage. And from then on I wanted to learn more and more, because I realized that doing this kind of work really helped people to heal, not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

So I continued training in chiropractic, hot stones, Nimo dragging, Reiki, Ayurveric massage, regressive hypnosis, sports massage, etc.

This training has helped me to meet a lot of people who have given me experience and knowledge.

All these types of therapies have helped me to know myself better, both inside and out, and to realize the needs of others, and try, through my hands and my knowledge, to help everyone to achieve a state of wellness of body, mind and soul.

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Hi, I’m María José Rodríguez Baños

I started in this wonderful world of yoga 15 years ago as a student, until I discovered my true purpose and then I decided to train at theSchool of Yoga Therapy and Ayuerveda.

I spent more than two years in this training reinforcing my knowledge in Hatha yoga, the postural essence that works all the muscles of the body and most importantly, the breath.

Learn to breathe when your body feels stress, emotions that disturb you; in short, to have a conscious breathing.

With me, by my hand, we will find the balance between body, soul and mind.

If you feel this is your path, I can only say smile, enjoy and thank you for being and being.
See you soon Namaste!


Hi, I’m Aroa Moreno

Since I was a child, I always had different perceptions than people my age. Now my passion is to help others, so I perform and continue training in alternative therapies, putting myself at the service of anyone who needs me through meditations, Usui reiki, angelic reiki, chiromassage, path of the unconscious, making conscious the unconscious.

I will be happy to meet you and lend you a hand.

See you soon. A hug of light!